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Searching for an experienced bungalow design company for your next dream house?

Design Bungalow Malaysia – Specialise in Design High-End Bungalow House in Selangor & Kuala Lumpur (KL)

We have been designing and building bungalow houses for families and new property owners for several years, now. Nothing still beats the fulfillment of seeing our clients’ first walk inside their new home. We’d like to build your house, next! Give us a call today to start planning your bungalow house with us.

Despite the increasing trend of vertical living in Malaysia, several families, especially those living with children and the elderly still eventually find themselves investing in a bungalow house. This type of residential property offers easier access and the luxury of more moving space. This has been the perfect choice for growing families.

But, the best part of owning a bungalow house is actually getting to design it the way you’ve always wanted to. Fortunately, this is a category that we have been passionate about. We offer you the most dreamy yet functional designs in Malaysia, that pass all housing policies of different property developers. Ready to move into your new house? Let’s get started!

Our Bungalow Design Services

We’re a design and construction company that focuses on residential properties. We do architectural and interior design, renovations, and construction planning. We have a team of skilled and experienced architects and builders behind our prolific portfolio in Malaysia. Here are some of the general services we offer:

3D Architectural Designs

Our in-house architects are experienced in AutoCAD to give you a more realistic design of your dream bungalow. This is a more comprehensive type of output that will also determine the integrity of the house. If you are not yet ready to build, we will still be happy to create a 3D Design for you.

Bungalow Renovation Plans

Not many people realize, but a not well-planned house renovation can actually cost you a lot – sometimes even more than what you would spend for a simple house. This can be addressed by a well-crafted renovation plan. We offer this service whether for your entire house design or set-up or just a section of your house.

Bungalow Construction

We also have a pool of builders and contractors to build your dream bungalow house. Everything is covered from the physical to the mechanical and electrical aspects of the construction. You also have an option to hire a construction manager to closely monitor the progress of your bungalow.

Latest Portfolios

QDB have completed many high-ends Bungalow since its incorporation. Listed here some of the Bungalows designed & completed by QDB Ventures.

Why Choose Us

We are with you in every step of your bungalow house construction: from planning to execution. This is part of the quality service we give our clients. We know that building a new house much more a bungalow can be physically and financially stressful and we aim to make the process smoother through our services.

One- Stop Bungalow Design & Construction

Another unique part of our service is the convenience of accessing all the necessary expertise for a successful and premium bungalow house in one company. We already have the right people to assist you from the planning to the construction phase. We can even dispatch a team to help you with post-construction needs, as well.

Quality and Service You Can Trust

We've heard so many stories of aspiring homeowners being scammed by their builders. The construction either takes too long or you are asked to pay for more than what is required. This is the advantage of working with a design and construction company. Being a registered entity, we hold full accountability for the delivery of our services. We also make sure to keep an open line with our clients throughout the process, regardless if it is a minor or major service to make sure that expectations are met.

Company Profile

QDB VENTURES SDN BHD is registered as a private limited company under Malaysia Companies Act 1965. The Company is incorporated on 2nd August 2002 with registration No.: 588367-M.

The business office is situated at No. 69-2, Jalan Temenggung 19/9, Seksyen 9 Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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